Direct Low Pressure Systems

Electrical enclosures can be found in virtually any industrial or commercial space. In some cases the enclosure might be a single small panel while in others it may involve a large room filled with electrical boxes. Should a fire occur in one of these cabinets, it would typically destroy the contents, but unchecked the fire could take the room or even the building, costing money and downtime. Regardless of the number of enclosures, Firetrace® offers a reliable, cost-effective method to increase the fire protection of these areas by detecting and suppressing the fire in the cabinet itself.

Indirect Low Pressure Systems

Firetrace Pre-Engineered Automatic Direct Suppression Units are designed, manufactured, and tested in ISO 9001:2008 certified facilities. All system cylinders are stamped in accordance with the relevant DOT/TC requirements. Each system is equipped with a nickel plated brass valve, a pressure gauge to monitor cylinder pressure, and a quarter turn ball valve that interfaces with the Firetrace Detection Tubing.

Upon system actuation the pressure switch can be used to indicate system discharge, shutdown ventilation, shut-off electrical power, etc. as may be required. Each assembly is equipped with a straight siphon tube and can only be mounted in a vertical (upright) position. All size cylinder valves are equipped with a pressure relief (rupture disc) device in compliance with DOT requirements.