About Us

Topaz Fire Systems Pvt Ltd specializes in protection of critical infrastructure. The management team has experience of over 20 years in the business of Fire Safety & Security in both manufacturing as well as in project execution.

The knowledge gained over a period of time with trainings in India and abroad on these systems has made the company technically sound to offer the most optimal designs and appropriate solutions. Customer Service and assistance in design and specifications are priorities to our company.

Topaz is able to offer an extensive range of fire extinguishing systems/products as well as both equipment and engineering services, oriented to the maximum accuracy for the design and implementation of extinguishing systems. The systems have various approvals and listings like UL, Vds, LPCB, FM, IMO etc.

We are highly experienced in designing cost-effective Fire & Safety solutions for the most challenging environments and for protection of high value assets. Our designs are compliant with NFPA 2001, ISO and Bureau of Indian Standards.

Topaz Fire Systems offers to its customers – system integrators, quality systems manufactured by specialists in their respective fields.

The solutions offered by us are –

  • Fire Suppression Systems – LPG Tecnicas en Extincion De Incendios SL, Spain /Tyco
       • FM 200 / NAF S 125/ Novec 1230 - 25 & 42 bar
       • Inert gases – IG01, IG 55, IG 100 & IG 541 ---- 150 bar / 200 bar & 300 bar
       • High pressure Co2 Systems with weighing device
       • Low Pressure Co2 systems
       • Ansul Foam systems
       • Water Mist Systems – Pump & Fixed systems
  • Firetrace tube based suppression systems with Co2, Clean Agents and ABC
  • Tyco Sprinklers, Valves & accessories
  • Passive Fire Protection
  • Gas Detection Systems
  • Kitchen Hood Protection Systems
  • Water/Fuel leak Detection and MICC cables – Tyco Thermal/Pentair
  • Simplex Fire Alarm System
  • Manifolds, Cylinder Racks & Pressure Relief Dampers
  • Securiton Aspiration & Linear Heat Sensing System