Clean Agent

Novec 1230

Ansul Sapphire

The heart of the system is revolutionary 3M™ Novec™ 1230 fire protection fluid, a clear, colorless and odorless clean agent. Stored in cylinders in its fluid form, Novec 1230 instantly vaporizes upon discharge, totally flooding protected spaces and absorbing heat better than water. In tandem with a sophisticated ANSUL AUTOPULSE® control panel, the SAPPHIRE system suppresses a fire before it can start by detecting it at invisible levels. And once the danger has passes, Novec 1230 quickly evaporates without harming any valuable assets

Hygood Sapphire

HYGOOD SAPPHIRE systems provide a proven and reliable fast acting, clean agent solution that is safe for use in occupied spaces. The system is environmentally friendly with zero ozone depletion potential (ODP) and negligible global warming potential (GWP).HYGOOD SAPPHIRE systems are specifically designed and developed based on independently witnessed fire tests. It is listed as “acceptable without restrictions” by the US Environmental Protection Agency’s Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP).

Sinorix 1230

Advanced extinguishing solution Sinorix™ 1230 is an excellent solution for the protection of high-value assets, business processes and people. It is based on the environmentally friendly extinguishing agent 3M™ Novec™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid. The high-pressure technology from Siemens allows highest design flexibility and the realization of single-sector and multi-sector systems. Enabling rapid, safe and automated interventions, Sinorix 1230 can prevent loss of data and secure business continuity.

FM 200 or HFC227ea

Hygood FM200

FM-200® systems are internationally accepted as providing reliable and effective fire protection solutions for high value assets, processes and locations, as well as the people who work in these protected areas. Electrically non-conductive, FM-200 works by removing heat from a fire so that combustion cannot be sustained. When it comes to being safe for use, FM-200 delivers, which is why FM-200 systems are approved by, FM and UL listed; an ideal solution where personnel safety and process continuity are paramount.

The decision to use FM-200 can be based on a number of key factors: it is the most widely used of the chemical replacements for Halon 1301 and it is an agent that has been used to successfully protect tens of thousands of high-technology facilities in 70 countries around the world.

Sinorix 227ea

Reliable extinguishing systems optimally protect assets, business processes, and people from fire. The Sinorix™ 227 extinguishing solution is based on a chemical agent with excellent extinguishing properties. The high reliability of this solution reflects Siemens’ extensive experience in the field of extinguishing. The solution also includes a comprehensive service offering – from risk assessment, system design, and installation to commissioning and maintenance.

NAF S125

Safety Hi-Tech

NAF S 125 and NAF S 227 are patented total flooding agents, both of which are approved for use in normally occupied spaces by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) and included in the US EPA SNAP list. In addition to their core components (HFC-125 and HFC-227ea respectively) our NAF S 125 and NAF S 227 agents include a patented additive that both reduces the products of combustion as well as improves the fire extinguishing performance, which leads to a higher system safety factor.